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Boring Guy I totally didnt get your sarcasm but now I do when I re-read. haha. Whew. And I made the same guess as you. I did tell him that I also need to do some thinking because this changes things. Thanks for your perspective.

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Well I'm glad you weren't offended by my post, but I was being sarcastic. That is what I meant by not having your priorities straight. I think he's totally playing you. I think he has you wrapped so tight that you'd walk off a cliff for him, if he led you to believe it would help him feel less "terrible".

By the way - when he shut down and "ran away to think" because you asked him if he was still having sex with his wife? That was his way of saying "yes I am still having sex with my wife". Find someone who is a grown-up, and let this man-child's wife have him.
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