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Originally Posted by Wants2BEqual View Post
Thanks boring Guy. I do know how hard it is for him. I hear about it frequently and i don't usually ask any questions I provide support. It's just he convinced me he was leaving the marraige earlier because he didn't love her anymore and hasn't in a long time. Now he's in love again. My heart hurts for him it must be terrible to love 2 when u can't have them both like he wants it....remember she is not up for poly. Not sure what you mean by not having priorities straight. I have put him first for a very long time and have been incredibly patient i think. I have already suggested being open to others and he is the one saying he doubts that to happen again because of how complicated it is.
Well I'm glad you weren't offended by my post, but I was being sarcastic. That is what I meant by not having your priorities straight. I think he's totally playing you. I think he has you wrapped so tight that you'd walk off a cliff for him, if he led you to believe it would help him feel less "terrible".

By the way - when he shut down and "ran away to think" because you asked him if he was still having sex with his wife? That was his way of saying "yes I am still having sex with my wife". Find someone who is a grown-up, and let this man-child's wife have him.

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