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Default Taking the direction your life must take...

" The inner call also tells us what we will not do.To compromise,for example, is always tempting and often destructive when dealing with a chosen path. My inner sense will not allow compromises that go too much against the direction I know my life must take."
Book-Living Happily Ever After

I'm reading this book that Red Pepper's husband suggested Maca read (via RP on here).

I came across this line today and felt the onset of another "ah-ha" moment.

I know it greatly frustrates people in my life when I say "I just can't do that."
But there are many times in my life when it becomes clear (usually after trying, but honestly I'm actively working to change that now) to me that some feat a person has requested of me, simply does NOT work for the direction my life needs to go.

I find it frustrating to try to explain to a person who is closed off from their own "inner guidance system" that I can't always FULLY explain why I know that some step is WRONG for me, only that I DO know it's wrong for me.

Getting hit with the endless guilt trip of "but I need..." or "I thought you loved me..." or being accused of being selfish (SO not me as anyone who knows me could tell you) etc while they completely avoid taking time to consider MY needs, life, desires, motivations, purpose, responsibilities etc-TOTALLY ticks me off and sends me into an emotional whirlwind. Having longings to just "walk out" on people or vindictively allow them to suffer the potential severe consequences of their behavior, all at once, instead of continuing to patiently explain things to them and/or guide them along.

I've become amazingly adept at controlling my actions-so that I don't DO things based on emotions, but on thought out concrete purposefulness in my life.

Still, I resent people pushing the buttons that "test" that ability as though they expect that since I am good at it, I shouldn't mind continuously being treated like I'm only hear to suffer their bullying, berating, begging, whining and generally manipulating attempts to get me to fulfil whatever it is that will allow them to continue avoiding to deal with their own personal shit...
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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