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Originally Posted by acb2012 View Post
(This is a bloggy thing, right? I can write what I want and actually, no one will ever read it... yay.)
Yes, this is a bloggy thing....No, that doesn't mean that no one will read it! (16 views as of this post)

What it does mean is that this is your space to work out where you are at and no one should argue and tell you that you are "doing it wrong".

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

What I get from reading your post is that everyone (yourself, me, him, them) has preconceived notions as to what certain labels (poly, mono, non-monogamous, etc.) mean. We use them as necessary shortcuts but by bypassing lengthy explanations we miss out on the nuances of each person's experience.

And our reactions to people's responses is shaped by those previously formed notions. He says "poly" and you have visions of pods and structure and rules, You say "WTF, hell no." as a gut response...and he has visions of Cinderella and a ring in someone's nose. You say "not poly" and they hear "white picket fence" etc. etc. ad nauseum...and miss the "not mono" as well.

Communications, we needs and all But that is, for me, the joy of relationships (of any flavor) - getting to the real person under all the words. Each person on their own path, navigating the world that we find at our doorstep, I'm glad that your path brought you here.

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