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Thanks Novmber Rain
I agree the efforts took a long time...I would have preferred he ride in on a Whitehorse but I try hard to understand how hard this must be for him.

Friends with benefits is interesting but I'm fully in love w him I know I'd be settling for a partial relationship and unable to look for more outside of it.

He did not provide an answer and in fact has not contacted me at all for days now. He tends to take a lot of space when faced with a hard discussion like this and that hurts too especially since we just had a rare in person visit and it was going so well.

I do take responsibility for coming back to the relationship I just didn't realize I would be having to deal with his being back in love w her. He was Adament that was over. I guess knowing they were still "best friends" and doing things together including sleeping in same bed while she readied for moving out should have been a clue.

I have no idea what to do now

Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post

Which of those indicates his effort to be with you? I'm a little confused. Also three months since previous post. 'Great efforts', to me, would have come sooner.

Maybe you could be friends with benefits? Really good friends, who care about each other, clearly. If you look at it that, it might be less painful than thinking/expecting it will be more.

But did he provide an answer? You might want to ask yourself why this is such a difficult question. I don't know how you present to HIM, but here, to me, you seem open to the answers, and like you have clarity about what's going on in your life, and clarity about what you want to know from him.

I think 'doomed' is a good word. I would not be nearly as understanding as you have been. I'd also like to point out, he didn't 'get' you back in love with him ~ you walked in all on your own accord. You had all the information, and you chose all your actions. You have the power over your own life.

I'm sad that your sitch sucks so much. Wishing you strength.
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