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Originally Posted by Wants2BEqual View Post
He is making great efforts to be with me. She is moving out next week. They are separating. He has told his adult children about it as well.
Which of those indicates his effort to be with you? I'm a little confused. Also three months since previous post. 'Great efforts', to me, would have come sooner.

Originally Posted by Wants2BEqual View Post
He flew to see me this past weekend and we have a lovely amazing visit.
Maybe you could be friends with benefits? Really good friends, who care about each other, clearly. If you look at it that, it might be less painful than thinking/expecting it will be more.

Originally Posted by Wants2BEqual View Post
When I asked if he is still sleeping with her he got very upset and ran away to think.
But did he provide an answer? You might want to ask yourself why this is such a difficult question. I don't know how you present to HIM, but here, to me, you seem open to the answers, and like you have clarity about what's going on in your life, and clarity about what you want to know from him.

Originally Posted by Wants2BEqual View Post
Am I over-reacting? Should I be more understanding of his confusions? Or am I crazy to think I"m doomed with a man who seeks me out to reconcile with me after hurting me so bad, choosing me over his wife, telling me he isnt in love with her anymore, getting me back in love with him, and now after 4 months of moving forward slips that he's still in love with her??
I think 'doomed' is a good word. I would not be nearly as understanding as you have been. I'd also like to point out, he didn't 'get' you back in love with him ~ you walked in all on your own accord. You had all the information, and you chose all your actions. You have the power over your own life.

I'm sad that your sitch sucks so much. Wishing you strength.
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