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I'm not fully comfortable on white lies, I never got the concept of a harmless little lie. I'm sure they're fine in moderation- but I also think people can spin entire webs of them and turn a few white lies into a larger deception if they aren't careful. I wouldn't be upset at one- but I'd be wary if they showed up too much.
Even white lies are dangerous, but what do you tell the cops when they come looking for your friend who is hiding in the basement?

What do you tell a woman who says; "Do these pants make me look fat?"

IMO, it must be a very rare ocurrance, but it must not be explicitly ruled out for the sake of personal and family protection. I actually committed myself to truth, and not telling lies. I lasted two weeks. I went on a job interview, and they had a question: "Have you ever been arrested?" I knew that they could not legally ask that question, so I lied. There is a legal question they can ask in my state, and it is something like this:

Have you ever been convicted of a felony which did not end in a admistrative dismissal?

(some felonies are dismissed through special programs of the State court system)

It was easier to lie and get the job than to sue them for asking the question on a job application.

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