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Default Moving right along

V and I had a real discussion about where our relationship is going and the level we want it to be in the future... and we both agreed that the kids are the only thing holding us back. That came out a little wrong... Respect for the children's feelings mean we arent going to jump into a super serious thing, but let it progress and the kids decide how much they are involved in this. His kids are all old enough to understand "dad has a girlfriend who is pregnant by another man whom she is married to" and they have all met me. Its his youngest we are most concerned with. She seems to like me, so I've invited HER over to play rock band, a video game we both enjoy, when shes ready.

My kids are younger than her, but she's not a teen yet, so its an awkward age for me to deal with. Maybe I'll go to the main boards for some insight.

In other news, V said he loves me! I'm happy about it but I'm not ready to say it back, not after my relationship with F and T and how I said it too fast and got seriously burned, but at the same time I know I'm in a place emotionally that if things were to end with V I'd be hurt by it. Its been two months officially together, and I know I have feelings for him, I'm just not sure if I love him and I'm too afraid to admit it to myself or if I'm not quite there yet.
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