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Default If love is a need, how do you meet it?

I didn't want to hijack another thread. (I think that thread was actually spawned from yet another thread. This is one hot topic)...

I received a package of Non-Violent Communication books that were 70% off during Marshall Rosenberg's birthday. I am blissed out reading them all!

The books have me thinking.

NVC defines love as a need rather than a feeling. And like all needs, each person meets that need differently.

So, I've been searching myself to recognize just how I meet that need, when I do choose to have it met. (Sometimes I hide away and don't let on that I'm having needs, which is a whole other story)...

I feel loved when my partner is interested in hearing about the details of my day and when s/he shares the details of their day.

when... I am let in on important information, feelings, needs, desires of my partner's life.

when... my partner wants to keep in touch with me, misses me after we don't talk for a while.

when... my partner shares "spiritual" moments with me. This one is hard to define, but it's so important to me. Gazing at the stars and thinking for a moment about the possibilities of other worlds, other planes of existence... Or, stepping back for a moment and simply enjoying "presence". Or, focusing our intentions together and enjoying meditation together.

I am seeing how some of my needs in relationship are abstract, vague, not "doable". And very possibly not something I'll ever find in another person.

How do you meet your needs for love?
My heart is too big to fit into one person.
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