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Originally Posted by irina View Post
I have a feeling that when I express this to him, he's going to go out of his way to make me feel better for a few days, and then lapse back into inattentiveness. I explained to him that it really bothers me that he doesn't listen when I say "this is important" unless I'm crying -- and it takes A LOT to get that emotional. At that point it's been going on so long and I'm so frustrated that it's almost unfixable. He's reactive instead of proactive in our relationship. Seems like he just goes around doing damage control.

Anyone been in similar situations? Any advice? I think the outcome is just going to be that we aren't going to date anymore (if we ever were other than in title), but I'm interested to hear any thoughts you might have.
Oof. I hate to say it, but this sounds like my ex-husband. Emphasis on Ex.

If he's like this now, I don't see it getting better. Sorry to be a cynic, but I spent WAY too long in a marriage like this. He wanted "me to be happy" but he just wanted it to magically happen without actually doing anything so I'd shut up and let the status quo continue.

My personal advice? Find someone who values you before you start losing your belief in yourself.

Good luck.
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