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Default Date advice

Hi everyone,

I would like advice on how to disclose I am married when on a date.

Our arrangement is that I can date women short-term and sleep with them once but not spend the night over.

I am probably going to go on a date in the next bit.

I have not disclosed I am married yet. I have not hid the fact - I have worn my wedding ring in front of her, but I don't think she has noticed.

I met the woman at a social dance and asked her to coffee when we dance. We seen each other a couple of times at social dance and traded some emails.

I am planning a cooking date at one of our places probably.

She seems pretty eager, in the last email saying I have made her smile and won her over.

I am leaving this city to go back to school 6 hours away in christmas and she knows this.

How is the best way (and least awkward way) to disclose I am married in your opinions?

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