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Question A jealous Ex

I am dealing with the following issue:

My new poly boyfriend was previously in a 'mono' relationship with a strict 'mono' but it broke down because she was unwilling to let him have female friends or let him spend time with other women. It seems as if she initially accepted the 'poly' side of him but then when he expressed a desire to see other women she became manipulative and jealous. Now that she is aware he is seeing me,she is barraging him with text messages,phone calls and crying spells because she wants him back but only on her terms as a 'mono',she even describes the poly lifestyle as 'disgusting'. I have suggested to him that the 3 of us sit down together and discuss it but she won't do that,even though I am quite willing to get out of my own comfort zone to do so.

I know this is 'her' self esteem issue and 'her' issue with the polyamory lifestyle but I suggested to him he needs to sort it out once and for all or it will affect all of his future relationships,not only his one with me..

This is the first time I have had to deal with a jealous woman and I am not sure how to respond...any suggestions?
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