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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I LOVE opening up for many things, but at the very beginning introduction it talks about watching your partner fuck other people at a sex party, I would make sure that wouldn't put her off before doing that. It almost put me off bothering to read more, since thats not my flavor of poly and it led me to believe it was going to be focused on sex.

aka if she doesn't want to read about ass play when she's trying to figure out what exactly all this poly stuff is about, probably not for her. I'd go with morethantwo myself.
Good point. That sort of thing doesn't phase me, so it didn't even register. OK, ignore Opening Up as suggested parent material. I haven't read a lot of the other books, but I trust their recommendation

While I agree that most people want the quick-internet-fix, I find that it's the opposite from people in my mom's generation. The internet, for them, is anything but quick. They prefer something they can hold in their hands. Of course, I'm completely stereotyping and probably being ageist. But sometimes, stereotypes exist for a reason...
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