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Mono's last work day tomorrow. We are spending an evening together in front of the fire, drinking wine and hopefully talking. I dread it and look forward to it all at the same time.

This weekend we are all off to the mainland for my brother's 40th birthday party. This week has been about family and it continues this weekend. We decorated PN's mum's tree and she fed us supper, PN had a family dinner for me for my up coming birthday, this weekend its the 40th party and then Mono is off to his parents across the country where I will meet him five days later for a week. Back for Christmas stuff happening.

I have been chatting with Derby and Brad via text and even chatting a bit with Ken and Brad's wife via text too. I have begun to renew some of my relationship with my co-worker this week as well. Its been nice to have that connection to others. I look forward to catching up with Derby and Brad next week. Its been awhile since I've seen their faces and held them close. I miss them.

LB had his report card this week. He rocked it. His teachers are very pleased with his pleasant, confident, well mannered and happy demeanor. He is doing really well in his life. I aim to help him keep it that way if I can. Mumma has to be healthy to do that.

Good food, keeping active and busy, spending time alone, writing, avoiding drinking and smoking (I could very easily fall back into that) seem to be helping me stay on top of my mental health and my life. I seem to be finding much solace in my spiritual personal world. Like a squirrel, I am gathering and saving energy for the weeks ahead.
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