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Default Came out to SO's family - Rejection

We came out to Darlings family and our friends last week. They now know that he and his wife are in a platonic marriage and we are engaged. The entire day was wonderful. They were so sweet and loving towards my children and I. We were really looking forward to spending Christmas with them.

Fast forward and I find out that Darling's sisters are really not happy. They threatened to make an issue of it if we come to the family dinner. Basically, we are not welcome. Darling has now asked us to stay home. I rationally understand the request but I am crushed because I really felt accepted but I guess it was an act.

I am also sad because my girls and I will be essentially alone on Christmas for the first time (I am divorcing their father right now). It's a bit overwhelming.

I completely lost it today and basically went temporarily insane, telling Darling that I would give him his engagement ring back so that he could fix the situation with his family. Thank God he is rational when I am not.

Any help in feeling rejected?
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