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Originally Posted by Daysleeper View Post
If he's sure he won't be comfortable with you having sex or seriously dating someone, wouldn't you like to know that now?
Even if he says now that he'd "never" be comfortable with her having sex with another man, there's no way he or anyone else can know that for sure. People grow and change, as evidenced by SO many stories here. Just like "I'll always love you" and "I'll never lie to you", while those statements may have the best of intentions, they aren't guarantees and shouldn't be thought of as such.

15 years ago when we first started dating, MC never DREAMED I'd be sleeping with someone besides him (neither did I!). Even as little as 2 years ago, keeping PiV sex just between us was still the agreement.

It might be helpful to know that he doesn't think he could ever be comfortable with you having another partner (though I agree with previous statements about "sharing" and if he can, you can) so you can enter into this aware of the restrictions and hopefully not grow to resent them. Then any other progress he makes will be a pleasant surprise!
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