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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
AnotherConfused, BaggagePatrol, HyperSkeptic, and others
Oh dear. I didn't know that. It seems to be going around lately

I'm trying to work on focusing my energy inward. Instead of projecting it outwards in the form of reaching out to others (especially Mono) and constantly checking in with myself in regards to them and in terms of connecting with their energy. Trying not to be so empathic is what I'm trying to do.

It works for a moment and then I slide back. I guess it takes practice. The next step is to do that and relate to others. After that I will have to figure out how to do my job in a field that relies heavily on connection through other means than talking. Its a heart, empathetic, feeling job. Could be tricky.

I figure that if I master this I will lesson the amount of connection I have with others and will be able to meet them where they are at, rather than realize over time that I have invested much more in our relationship than they have. Maybe I won't get as hurt then too. I don't know if it will work, but it gives me something to try anyway. It makes me sad somehowa and I'm not sure why.
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