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Default help??

I'm eighteen and have been dating a great guy for over a year.
He is straight and monogamous, but also possibly asexual.
Now, I'm a lesbian - but before saying "you can't have a boyfriend if you're lesbian", I'm also panromantic. I date him because I like him, but I would never be able to have sex with him because I don't find him sexually attractive. His asexuality also means he is fairly distasteful of sex, and even if I were sexually interested in men he probably wouldn't have sex with me, not because he doesn't find me attractive, but because of his distaste of sex.
Recently, I've been speaking to an older polyamorous friend, and she thinks my situation was a lot like hers a while ago, and encouraged me to find a poly forum to maybe get some pointers.
Now, my boyfriend is very much monogamous, he believes that when you find the right person you shouldn't need anyone else. He prides loyalty above a lot of other things, and this makes me very nervous about mentioning poly to him, and I'm not sure about how to suggest it to him.
Does anyone have any help, or maybe any anecdotes about it?
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