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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
My doctor says he has seen tubals and vasectomies fail after even 10 years of no problems.
Unfortunately the longer it has been since a surgical/mechanical sterilization (tubal ligation, vasectomy, Essure) the more likely it seems to be to fail - the body is constantly trying to "repair" itself. The other unfortunate aspect is that if a pregnancy does occur (which is unlikely, but never 100%) after a tubal sterilization (or with an IUD for that matter) it is statistically more likely to be ectopic (the fertilized egg is "trapped" in an inappropriate location - a sperm can get through a gap that a fertilized egg can NOT).

This information is actually part of the "informed consent" that everyone is supposed to receive prior to undergoing these procedures - but you hear 99.9% effective and assume it will never you (although 99.9% means it will happen to 1 in 1000 - and how many people undergo these procedures?). The bottom line "truth" is that there is NO 100% effective birth control...Perhaps, technically, abstinence but, even then, you have to be aware that ejaculation near the vagina can (rarely) result in pregnancy even without penetration.

Sperm+Egg=Conception. Period. All of our preparations are merely "risk reduction" not "risk negation".

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