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Ummm...I'm just wondering where all the other men are in this topic. My views of this level of detail are definitely much different and I am wondering if I am just a freak.
The only thing I really need to know is that Redpepper is intimate with someone. Outside of that "I don't want to know". With her tersiary I know they are sexually involved so I do not need to know when or what they do unless it could affect my health or hers. They have a sexual/BDSM relationship...that's all I more please, not necessary and not interesting to me. Oddly enough we all had a great time at the BDSM event but I don't need to know about anything they do behind closed doors.
We've talked about this before and she knows that I prefer simply to know that they have a relationship that involves sexuality and have discussed how to avoid any unnecessary discomfort around it for me. And yes it is about me, I'll own that and am totally cool with it.

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