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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
No, poly is not always easy, but I see it as simple. All it is, is managing multiple relationships and treating others the way we want to be treated. That you do not see it as simple does not invalidate my viewpoint or prove that I am not "paying attention." I am introspective and analytical to a fault. I constantly look around me and assess what's going on all the time. I have worked hard on my changing my perspective, and my expectations, and to see others' perspectives as equally valid, and most especially, to love unconditionally and without attachment to an outcome. This is what I do to practice polyamory. Yes, I say the choices are simple, but the work is sometimes hard and challenging. If it does not satisfy me to practice poly, with my "simple" approach, I won't. I won't complicate my life and muck things up with other people to prove anything or just to "be poly." It isn't worth it if it brings only pain. Yes, that is simple, to me.
Well, as long as it's really just about "managing . . . relationships" in a way that will "satisfy" you and help you avoid causing pain [to yourself?], I suppose it really would be simple.
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