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Hello and welcome.

If I got it right, nothing more than words have been exchanged between CW and yourself? If so, has there happened any breach of trust in any form by now? Because those use to be the factors that complicate any given poly situation multiple times.

If the tears have been out of confusion and fear of the unknown future and possiblities, everything just needs time. Lots of time. I would suggest you sit back and simply wait. Give them time to process all those new informations, get a feel for the situation you would love them to be in with you and each other and let them become as comfortable as possible with the thought. Wait for them to come around by themselves to suggest possibilities and further actions.

They met for the first time, if I got that right. Just some days ago. Talk to them, ask for things you would love to experience and explain what you would like your relationship(s) to be. Ask for their ideas of the future. Do you know what you are searching for in detail? Any confusion about any given outcome could nurish new fears for them or you. That's why I would advice you to sit and talk. A lot.

When we started out, I told my men that I love each of them, that I want to be with each of them and then I simply waited for their solution. They got to know each other better, talked with each other, because it became clear that we would prefer a shared living situation for all of us and that's how they started to create their ideas of a possible future.

Wishing you luck
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