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I just want to say I'm sorry for what you had to go through with your friend. It is not okay for someone to pass judgement on your relationship, especially when it is unwanted. It sounds like you have a very healthy poly relationship and are doing wonderfully for yourself. I understand its hard to be confident when others keep telling your it will fail, but just hold your head up high and watch as they have nothing left to say as your relationship stands the test of time, or you grow and become a better person through it. I know when my fiance and I first started dating and were open as poly, many people said it could never work. They even assumed we weren't poly anymore a couple years later, because things were going so well, and upon finding out we'd be involved with someone else all that time, had to face that it could work.

Also, I'm sorry you had this experience through fetlife. I've always found it to be a open and welcoming community for poly folk. I would recommend checking out the groups Poly and Kinky, Polyamory, and Practical Polyamory. I'm sure as people have said you may find some great local groups as well. I hope you have the best of luck!
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