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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I'll simply repeat what I told her: "I'm fine with you hanging out with Dex an unlimited amount of time, I'm fine with you making out with him an unlimited amount of time, and I'm fine with you sleeping with him once. But after that, if you end up making more room for one-on-one time with him than you do with me, or possibly even an equal amount of time, I will be insanely jealous. I'm pretty sure that's where I'm at."

She assured me that she has her priorities in order.
Wow, I am so glad that you spoke up for yourself in such a direct and non-confrontational way. I think you expressed your reaction/needs very well and succinctly. I am wondering how the conversation started - did Gia go to you and specifically ask you how you feel about it, and if you'd be okay with it? Was she looking for a temperature check with you on that? Or did she simply tell you about the progress with Dexter in conversation, after which you stated your feelings?
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