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Not really much to say. Most of my brain power is going to Divorcing Friend and aiding her in appropriate support.

There's stuff only SHE can do like banking and calling specific people with personal ID info/ personal knowledge. Other stuff she fobs on me to do for her.
  • Make phone calls anyone can make for her. Like gathering general info calls anyone could inquire about. (I can't call the bank asking about her accounts. She has to that. I can call around to shop for a nicer cel phone plan.)
  • Type things she needs typed for court.
  • Help her inventory assets and prepare for mediator.
  • Listen to her vent frustration, upset, guilt, grief.

I try to keep my own frustration, upset, annoyances to myself and air them out to DH or other people who live in other states -- a friend, my sister. So here? When I have to be present here?

I can maintain a calm "this too shall pass" mode as best as I am able for her.

I told a friend last night in a venting chat that if/when DH and I open part of our agreement is to just divide it up NOW. She laughed and said "I believe you. But you guys are sane about these things."

Just get it all together for the simple divorce form so if it comes to pass? It HAS to be a split on the romance end of it? There we chose to go together then. Fast, sorted, agreed to, and moving us to the healing place ASAP. Where we can hopefully be friends, co-parents, co-grandparents in future and not spend ages in the ugh place prolonging suffering.

This whole business is tiresome and distasteful.

This is NOT the way to Open.

NOT the best way to divorce.

It is not just getting ugly -- it IS ugly.

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