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Your four questions got to the heart if it sparklepop The problem is, I have already said these things and have mostly been argued with. I can refuse to spend my time (unless he incites her to our activities with others which he seems intent on right now) but we have shared finances, property, etc so I can't cover myself from the risk.

I am in my 20s, and a year does seem long to me, but mostly at this rate I worry about how everything else in our lives will look if he continues acting this way. It worries me.

Bg your guess that we had nothing and have built up is spot on. When were first dating we had nothing but debt. Now that we've built a life with more flexibility, I don't want to endanger it. I see our wiggle room as security, he sees it as "we can afford" to spend this money, but it seems to be true only in the context of one particular relationship.

Whether he's thinking with his dick or his heart, I really need to make contact with his intellect right now. I guess it's probably just inaccessible right now. I hope it blows over soon.

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