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I have decided that they are not my priority any more. My immediate family is and as Mono is my immediate family now then he takes priority.
This is exactly where I am at, my relationship with R is becoming now that he is more than just someone i am dating and he is becoming part of my family, so montianboy, and R will take priorty as they are my family unit,

I had two birthdays, well four actually as a result of people around me not being able to accept each other... it made me sad on one account but I chose to look at it as a positive... I got more attention
Its good you can see the positive with this but also i agree it is sad. Its what i want to avoid i don't want to feel like im living 2 seperate lifes and it makes me even sadder to know that the people i care about will never know each other because they are all amazing people deep down, i might not always agree with my mum but id really like her to be a part of my life.

I hate disappointing anyone, ESPECIALLY my parents.
I feel like i am one huge disapointment to my parents. What they would like is for me to be just like everyone else monogomous and normal but what they can't see is that I am happier this way.

good luck my friend. I can image it would be MUCH harder having Mono live with us. I enjoy escaping to my Other Home (OH), where there is none of the bullshit... I miss him when he isn't here too though
There is a very pratical financial reason why he will be moving in with us, but also I am hoping we really can live together as one family and make it work,
there are no children involved and i am willing to take that risk.

After some thought,
I won't give her an ultimatum i don't think it would work and would perhaps just push her away. I am going refuse however to exclude R from any event in my life that he should be a part off and so when it comes to birthdays, christmas, celebrations he will be included and my parents can ethier choose to be a part of that as well or they can choose not to be. I don't think i will be aranging seperate events one for them and one for him because i know with my parents this will just encorage them to keep there heads burried in the sand even longer,

she rarley visits me at my house anyway, but when she comes to pick me up when we are going out etc I am not ever going to request that R stay out of the way because this will be his home too and he has every right to be comfortable here.

I feel like i am going to have some difficult times on my hands
she is going to crazy extreems saying that she thinks R must be some kind of predetor or criminal (due to him being 10 years older than me)


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