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I'm terrible at keeping things to myself when something is on my mind so I spoke to my husband last night.

I have brought up the subject four or five times in our marriage but it was just passing talk and we've never had a serious conversation about it.

He was shocked at first, and as predicted thought it was a way for me to sleep around. He said the cynical side of him thinks I've lined someone up and just want a green light to cheat, which couldn't be further from the truth. I don't know of anyone I would be interested in as I work so hard and I'm very devoted to my family right now. So it was hard at first to discuss polyamory with him.

We talked for a couple of hours I think and it ended with him saying that he would read more into it but had no idea where to start. I don't think he realises how common polyamory is and that there are books and websites dedicated to this subject.

The conversation ended with him saying that although he will look into for him, he's not ready to "share me" with anyone else and he doesn't want to be hypocritical but he isn't sure if he will ever be ready to do that. I spoke to him about how we can have openness, rules and boundaries and go at his pace as he is the one unsure.

So I guess we'll just take it from there. I was a bit surprised by how shocked he was as it's been brought up before and he did get quite defensive. He's been interested in swinging before in the beginning of our relationship but I'm not interested in the sexual/one night stand thing.
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