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*more virtual hugs*

I've been in recovery for various abuses since I was 12 (range from physical, emotional, and sexua, abuses started at 5, therapy started at 12l). I know I still have triggers that I haven't even uncovered yet so when people get close to me (romantically or friendship wise) I try to fill them in on what I do know.

I know I still have times where I can barely function (particularlly in my job, but part of that may be that I'm wired to be a housewife not a working girl). But I feel that as long as I'm willing to actually continue to work on trying to make sure that I'm getting better even at times when I crash as long as I can be honest with my partners than I'm healthy enough for a relationship.

I like the concept of having the idea of having a box of healing and living but something I've learned for myself that one of the things that has helped me heal is allowing myself to live. Not pushing myself past what I know I can't handle but recognizing that if there is something that may be hard but shouldn't send me down a tail spin taking that chance with the support of those I know I can trust (and that doesn't have to be a romantic partner, it can just be a best friend).

November: That's crazy that they had you say why you couldn't in front of the defendant. The only time I've been on jury duty and annouced I would be unable to sit on the trial the judge had me talk to him in private.

On the wood thing. I think of it kinda like Joshua Trees (which are really lillies). You have this plant that grows in such a harsh enviornment that shapes it to twists and bends and turns but not only is it able to still live with all those difficulties it eventually hits a point where it can thrive. That's what I think using living to heal can help do.
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