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Originally Posted by Kihluna View Post
Thank you everyone, I needed to hear those things. His issue with Poly, along with all that he sent me to, is that they "tried it and it didnt work out". I haven`t met any other Poly people in my area because they don`t come to functions or maybe I just don`t know what to look for
OK, so every time a monogamous relationship breaks up, that proves monogamy "doesn't work"? Or should we all just give up on relationships in general, because people break up, so that must mean "nothing works".


Oh, and get this - people have been around WAAAAAY longer than Fetlife. Just because someone goes on Fetlife and says something does not make it fucking so. That goes on on this forum too. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people write shit like, "I thought I was poly, but you guys are a bunch of nazi assholes, so poly is not for me." (That's from the other side.) That would be like you saying, "You people on Fetlife are narrow-minded control-freaks, therefore BDSM is not for me."

I'm just saying - HELLO LOL.
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