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Just had a wonderful evening with V. I work until 1 am, but I got off early so he could come over. John is at work, so we had the house to ourselves, though I'm a little hypo-manic, so I was running around the house doing chores, he'd stop me for kisses - which I LOVE.

His kisses make me melt. I know its NRE, but its so nice. I'm not a big kisser either. I love the way he rubs my belly and loves the fact that I am pregnant. He sees me as beautiful.

I want to talk to John about us coming out of the poly closet to a few people bc lot of our friends know V and I feel that the fact that we are dating will come out eventually. Someone will see us somewhere in all our googy eyed new relationship glory. And when we do eventually hang with those friends that know us both I dont want to have to hide our relationship.

V and I are going to spend all day Friday together. We try to have a day a week. John will be sleeping/ at work most of the day, so its a good time. John and I will have all thursday together. I'm off thursdays and fridays.
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