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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
You know Ceoli-sometimes I think that people who chose to adopt from the onset are SO much smarter than those of us who went through labor and delivery!!
Having bio children, Godchildren (who I have raised-not that just lived somewhere else) and stepchildren, once I "fell in love" with them, they were my children, didn't matter whose body they bounced out of.
I used to wish I waited, now I count my blessings and tell the kids to wait for that stable content home where the child can be secure without EXTRA effort on one or more parents part!
GREAT choice on your part (opposed to good choice)!
I really think that while I thought making our own baby was easier.. it really wasn't. That labour and delivery thing and being pregnant I could of done without easily.

If I did it all again I would parent a child that was unable to be parented by it's bio parents... to me this is far more noble and more responsible to the world as a whole.

I guess another reason I had a bio child was because I knew it would be accepted more by my family... both sets of grandparents had issues and still do about adoption. In that respect it was easier to have our own too. No argument or life long struggles for the extended family to be able to bond.
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