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Originally Posted by Andy4700 View Post
Excellent post, Whathappened. I could not agree much more.

I totally respect the ladies that are looking for "the one" and hold on to the dream of marriage. Having been there now, I have mixed feelings about it personally, but I do see it work out blissfully for many, and genuinely wish that for anyone seeking that lifestyle.

I hold out hope that there are a few girls out there that have been married and would never want that again / value their independence too much to want to be tied down in a traditional relationship / are wired poly and want a secondary ect.

It never hurts to ask but always hurts to push...
Yes, exactly. For some people, the situation works. I'm happy with this 'half-time boyfriend' thing for some of the reasons you mention, and for others. At another time in my life, I may find this totally unacceptable, and it will have nothing to do with fear, ignorance, or lack of understanding. It simply is not going to be right for most people.
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