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Ugh. That was one of the longest days of my life. I told my friend I hope she understands that I don't go around doing this type stuff for just anybody. Lord.

Long story short? The Judicial machine is rolling -- restraining papers served, court date set, divorce papers obtained and hopefully Formerly Abused Now Divorcing Friend will fill out and return on her own tomorrow now that she see the courthouse is largely a boring place. Marble. Brass. Paintings. Lines. Lobbies. Offices. Paper pushing from one end to the other.

EMOTIONALLY it is hard, but the realities? Office tedium.

I was as stoic, agreeable, cheerful, and encouraging as I could be for her at each office and over each form filled out. Inside? I was grumpy, bored, worried, anxious, and I don't know what all now that I am home. It was a full spectrum emotion kind of day.

I have to digest it. My idea of fun is not spending 9 to 5 at a courthouse shuffling paper about waiting on judges to answer. But it must be done. So it was.

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