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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
this! yes! It's what I always try to tell friends when I try to explain about what's so great about being in an open relationship. It's about the possibillities, the opportunities, the freedom. It doesn't even matter that most of these connections don't go beyond the flirting stage.
Thanks for articulating it.
Thanks Cleo. It's nice to know there are others like me!


I've totally enjoyed mine and rory's discussions about cohabitation. It's been interesting. At the moment I really enjoy living with roommates but I suspect I might want to live with a partner in the future. I don't know for sure though.

I recently created a profile on a dating site. I haven't done online dating in a decade so this is soooo weird. I had forgotten what it's like. Among other things superficiality, rejection and boring/creepy people. I very very rarely hit on anyone in real life so I also don't have to experience rejection very much. It's not like anyone has said anything rude to me on the dating site, but ignoring my message feels quite bad, too. Something about online dating bugs me a lot. It's like online shopping, but with people. I don't know how to descibe what I'm looking for because I'm open to so many different things. I've also noticed that maybe it's not such a good idea to bring up the fact that I like feminine men. It's apparently something that is very rare to admit, so if I put that as a "requirement", many people wouldn't respond because that's not how they would define themselves. For example there was this one guy who is a 99% match and to me sounds kinda feminine in the way that I define it. But in the question section he had answered that he considers himself masculine (options were feminine, androgyne and masculine). So that's also something that annoys me: people use words differently so basically you can get a wrong idea about someone, whereas if you met them in real life and that subject came up, you could just ask for clarification. Okay, rant over. Let's see if this online dating is for me or not. So far not liking it much.

I've been to a few different poly meet-ups and have really enjoyed them! In the last one I met this really nice bi guy and now I regret not asking him for his number or something. Hopefully he'll come to the next meet-up and I'll be brave enough to do something.
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