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Default It`s like I was just slapped in the face..

Okay so my name is Niki.

Until today I thought I was in 2 seperate relationships.
One with Tony, the father of my child. Both him and my son have dwarfism.
and in a BDSM relationship with Josh, my submissive of 1.5 years.

Today I encountered a unique problem, that after reading a few posts here doesn`t seem so unique but to me it was because I have no idea what is going on right now. Tonys mom informed me that Christmas was a "family event" which was her way of saying the roommate (Josh) wasn`t invited. So in tears I call Tony who is going to inform her that Josh is part of the family.
A few minutes later I was talking to an old friend on Fetlife who hadn`t yet learned of my addition of Josh as my submissive. After a few minutes he informed me that I was in a Poly relationship and pretty much told me that I wouldn`t be taken seriously in the community anymore. He told me to "RUN far away." and that "If a relationship needs 100% from both people how can one person give 100% times 2"

It`s like I was just shunned before I even found my place. I`m only 21 and I realize that is very young but I am not stupid. I am under a load of stress from this apparent 3 way, I have not found my footing as a Mistress and Josh is still learning his role as a submissive.

So I joined this site to try and figure things out, seeing as how everything I do on fetlife is going to be shunned or deemed "wrong"

Let me clarify that Tony and I are romantically kinky and Josh and I are full Bdsm. I love them son calls them both Dada. (Well Tony is dada, Josh is Daaaa)
I have never seen nor heard of a Poly relationship working out, and everyone on fetlife talks I am a bit ignorant in my fears and I apologize if I am coming off as a psycho.
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