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Originally Posted by crisare View Post
Ceoli - I think it's apparent that you and I have very different relationships in our lives. Your relationships (or the relationships you want) have everyone being involved with each other to a much higher degree than mine do.
Crisare, I don't know the nature of your relationships so I'm not going to compare mine to yours. However I can say that what I'm involved in is an individual relationship with a man who has other partners. And those other partners have individual relationships of their own with him. The fact that there is open communication among us doesn't mean that we're involved to a higher degree with each other. I'm friends with one of my metamours, have been chatting with another of my metamours and don't know the others very well at all. We're involved in a high level of communication. That's all.

When I move back to London, whoever I get involved with will also be a separate individual relationship. However, there will still be that level of communication between the relationships I have.
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