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So, you'll want to be checking this with him and make sure that this verification is a current one and hear his side of the story.
i know its a new one but I have to ask he why he didn't tell me.

You may not be. Poly people are generally poly because they aren't finding what they need as a side effect of having one partner; they need or want more, something else, something different.
well this does make me sad of course, I feel like he is bored. we have great sex but what more can I offer?

Tell him that you take this seriously. Fluid bonding is special and is risky. You will want him tested and you will want to see the results, if you continue in your relationship.

I do hope he tells you the truth tonight!

thanks I hope he does too! but I am worried, I don't want to lose him but I can't stop thinking about them kissing, having sex. I felt like this when G slept with J, i couldn't kiss him thinking about him with her. I feel heartbroken
in a relationship with A, open to women only.

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