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I'm so confused what to do. I don't know how to be supportive of Primal without hurting my friendship with Lamian or even if this is something I should be doing.

Back story time.

Lamian and Darkeyes started dating June 2011. Her and Primal had been fighting since April. Primal really wasn't okay with her being in another relationship but felt like he had to say it was okay to try and fix things. September of that year there was a major explosion that almost resulted in Primal and Lamian getting a divorce (they did not live with each other from the end of September till probably around January of 2012).

Lamian refuses to share time with Primal and either Peaseblossum or myself. That wouldn't be a problem in itself but since May (when Darkeyes started feeling comfortable even sleeping in the same house as Primal) she has Darkeyes stay any night she has with Primal so she can snuggle between both boys. She's still highly sexual with Darkeyes (Primal and I accidently walked in on them Sunday when we were getting towels to shower) but hasn't been sexual with Primal in over 2 months (which includes their anniversary and his birthday) because she won't spend any time with just him.

The Sunday of the explosion that happened with me she was talking about how she feels that it's mine and Peaseblossum's fault for needing so much out of Primal that her marriage is still possibly going to end. She also mentioned that she had told Primal that if she met him and Darkeyes at the same time she would have only been in a relationship with Darkeyes.

So now I'm trying to figure out what I can do. I don't want Primal to still be hurting because Lamian constantly pushes him aside but I don't know if there's anything I could do that wouldn't jepordize my friendship with her.
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