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hi sorry I wasn't clear, when I first started seeing A it was through a swinging site, I have been seeing him for four months and we started caring for each other, I love him but he doesn't know, he only knows that I care for him.
If he doesn't know that you love him, he cannot act on that information. Prepare him with all the facts so that he can make the right choice on how to act.

yes he did and I found out because you can post verifications and she did one for him and that was how I found out, he didn't tell me.
So, you'll want to be checking this with him and make sure that this verification is a current one and hear his side of the story.

I haven't told him not to just see me but I have said I wish it was just us
So, you'll want to make your feelings clear and precise - if you want it to be just the two of you, tell him honestly and hear what he wants.

I feel like I am not enough for him.
You may not be. Poly people are generally poly because they aren't finding what they need as a side effect of having one partner; they need or want more, something else, something different.

we were suppose to fluid bond, having sex without a condom is a very special thing to me and important, she says on her profile that she doesn't have sex without them but what about bj?? I can't not use a condom now.
Tell him that you take this seriously. Fluid bonding is special and is risky. You will want him tested and you will want to see the results, if you continue in your relationship.

I do hope he tells you the truth tonight!

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