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hi sorry I wasn't clear, when I first started seeing A it was through a swinging site, I have been seeing him for four months and we started caring for each other, I love him but he doesn't know, he only knows that I care for him.

So, he's told you he's only going to see you and is only going to fluid bond with you? How have you seen that he has met with a woman - through the site? Or he told you?
yes he did and I found out because you can post verifications and she did one for him and that was how I found out, he didn't tell me.

What are your relationships guidelines? Do you have any? You can bet your ass that if my primary girlfriend slept with someone and didn't tell me, I'd have a big issue, because our guideline is to tell each other when that stuff happens. But if it was one of my secondaries? Our guideline is - do tell me, but it doesn't have to be immediate. Just let me know the next time you see me, if you're sleeping with someone else. If it was a very casual FWB? Do tell me, but it's not even remotely a big deal - but DO be sexually safe.
it was with someone new and he plans to see her again, I haven't told him not to just see me but I have said I wish it was just us, I feel hurt he hasn't told me and plans to see her again, I feel like I am not enough for him. we were suppose to fluid bond, having sex without a condom is a very special thing to me and important, she says on her profile that she doesn't have sex without them but what about bj?? I can't not use a condom now.

If he's making false promises, to be monogamous to you, then that's obviously not right. But, are you sure he has seen another woman? And was it actually to have sex? If it was an old friend, or old sexual partner, and he hooked up with them again, he might not think of that as being the same as 'dating someone else/new'. Speak to him!
yes the site I found the verification on is a swinging site and I was monogamous to him apart from my primary partner, I know they had sex and they will again.

I feel sad but I will meet alone with him tonight and try to tell him how I feel and work out if I want to keep seeing him.
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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