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I think you can make it work. I am glad that he agreed to go to counseling together with you. And I hope you didn't think I was saying he wasn't willing to make any changes in my previous posts - I know he compromised a great deal and tried, but there were problems he had with communicating, and so many misunderstandings. Going with you to counseling is a huge step for him, I think, because I get the sense that he would rather these issues between you all remain private and not have to be discussed even with a professional.

It just makes me sad whenever it has come to the point (and it's happened numerous times) where you concede and give up what you want to make him happy, but then are angry and lose interest in being intimate with him because of the sense you have that one of his main needs is to be possessive over you. I would resent feeling like a possession owned by another, too, no matter how much love there is.

Sending you hugs and positive energy.
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