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I could be wrong, but I think when TT said this:

Originally Posted by TroubledTigress View Post
Part of what's made me smile reading a lot of this is seeing how people here are not overly bitter, and say that they'd rather not have anyone else be able to understand... as nice as it is to have others do. It shows a wonderful strength, and reaffirms my personal beliefs.
I think she was directly referring to this (emphasis mine):

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
November-on that note, I had an interesting experience last week. My ex of 15 yrs ago needed a friend. I went and hung out. He was talking to me about chronic pain (bone spurs in spine pressing towards spinal cord) that he is 2 years into dealing with.
I empathized, reminding him that I have neck damage from years ago. I had an ACDF surgery in 2010 which helped, but can't fix the nerve damage and doesn't completely alleviate the pain. So pain management is a huge part of my life-the last 7 yrs or so.
Previously-noone in my life had a clue the struggle emotionally. Now, he does and after my show of empathy-I saw the dawning comprehension on his face. Suddenly realizing how often he had glossed over what he didn't understand but now does.
I felt sad for him. I would rather he not understand. But, it was nice to be able to talk to someone who really grasps my struggle also.
(two is my max ability to quote!) I think I might have referred indirectly to this, but if I didn't, I often do. When I welcome people to any of my fb groups for people with my condition, I usually include something like 'glad you found us, sorry you qualify.' I've been in chronic pain long enough, and invisibly challenged long enough, that I really do understand why 'normies' don't get it. 'getting' chronic pain is something no one should have to do. It is good to have others who do, but I don't expect normies to ever truly understand. I appreciate the ones who are compassionate enough to try.
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