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5:30 am I wake up and Airyn is still awake, watching something funny with headphones on. I call to him, and few minutes later so does Chipmunk. He can't hear us with his headphone on, so she gets up and asks him to come to bed. They are moving around looking for his house pants, and such. When they finally get in bed, I'm too awake to fall back to sleep. I snuggle up against Airyn's back as much as I can, but by 7:30 I've given up on sleep. So I'm up getting food, make hot tea. and get on the computer. By 9 I'm dressed and mostly ready to go. Just after 9 I get a message from History check to see if we are still meeting. Yes, leaving in about 20 mins see you there at 10:30. I start on some coffee to wake Airyn up with. He'll be happier getting up with just a few hours sleep if he has coffee to drink.

I wake Airyn up telling him his coffee is brewing. He nods and rolls over, not really awake. I start talking to him. "Airyn I have coffee brewing for you in the kitchen, I need you to get up and give me a ride." Airyn mumbles, "why am I giving you a ride" Me,"so I can meet up with History, and you can have the car for the day." Airyn more awake, "Oh yeah that's today." Me, "Yep, your coffee is probably ready now. Get up and dressed, and I'll make your coffee in a to-go mug." He comes to the kitchen to get his shoes, and I suggest he grabs my computer to hook up for music in the car as the iPod needs to be charged. We leave right on time. I'm messaging History telling her that I need to be home around 7pm. I tell Airyn that I'm still not sure how long I will be, but that since the place History and I are going is about an hour away we'll be out for at least 4 hours, probably more. That I figure as long as I get dropped off by 7pm that will be plenty of time for me to get them to the restaurant that they have reservations for. (I'm driving so they can drink safely). He agrees that will be fine, and tells me that I shouldn't feel rushed, and should have a good time.

In the car, Airyn is still not wholly awake, but he's drinking his coffee, and gets iTunes loaded on my computer. So not much is being said, we arrive in 20 mins. I check for messages, and History is already here. I get out of the car, and Airyn and I are trading places. Hugs, kisses, he's telling me to have a good time, and he'll see me in a few hours. I tell him probably not, that I may be out till 7 and then I'll be dropping him off at a restaurant, and won't get to see him today. He just hugs me and sends me off to locate History.

I find her, and we hop into her car and head out. We are off to a Fiber Farm anticipating meeting and petting Alpacas, and handling their wool, yarns, and maybe seeing the spinning wheel and looms that are used by the farm we found. It's a long drive, but conversation is lively. She checks with me about doing a couple errands. I'm cool with it, so basic plans are set. She doesn't have a curfew or set time her husbands wants her home by, so we have basically the whole day ahead of us. We get turned around locating the fiber farm as neither of us have ever been there before. Finally we find it, pull in and realize it is so not what we expected from their website. Still we want to check it out. We walk by the trailer, and into the shed that has "The Store" sign over it's door. There's no one in evidence. The store is in disarray, can't shop, walk thought or touch any of the fibers, and there is very little yarn to be seen. Other then a friendly black cat that came up to me no animals were petable. We leave disappointed. So plan B. We head out to visit for a moment with her parents so she can pick up a few things. Then off to the mall to visit with a long time family friend, and her sister. Her sister has some items that History has purchased ready for pick up. We pick these up, walk around the mall. History introduces me to Teavana, and we browse the holiday stuffs in several shops. Then it's time for lunch so we go upstairs to the restaurant in Macy's. It was yummy, we actually ended up ordering the same thing. She offered to pay when the bill came, I accepted, and we sat and talked more. After we went to a large yarn store. One I had heard about but never been to, and that History had been to several times. We spend oh an hour or more fondling all the yummy yarns, and flipping through knitting pattern books. Then still wanting to hang out we decided to hit the Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

At the Cheesecake Factory we get a nice table, and order tea and Strawberry shortcake. Very yummy, we can't eat it all as we are still full from lunch. I say it's my turn to pay, she accepts. We stay and chat for a long while, neither of us wanting to end our day of adventuring. Then she gets a message from her husband asking her if she can meet him for dinner. We giggle as we are so stuffed now. She calls him back, and they invite me to join them. So I'm calling Airyn telling him what's up. (I've been messaging him on and off letting him know our change of plans and such.) He's ok with me being out later and going to dinner with her family, He's and says that since Chipmunk was running a fever earlier they have decided not to drink, so he tells me to have a good time.

And I do. We get to the restaurant and I meet a close friend of hers, and her brother, and husband. She tells me I have now meet all of her family except for her kids. History and I are giggling about being full, and conversation is lively amongst the group. It doesn't take me long to join in, and be comfortable. Everything, from guns, games (PC, cards, boardgames), movies, tv shows, jobs, and some politics. By the time we are leaving it's 8pm and now I'm giving History directions to my place. I ask how she would prefer to get home, and tell her I can give her easy directions from my place to the streets she knows. She doesn't drive in my area of the city very often (A historic district outside of downtown). So she knows some of the landmarks, but not enough to navigate. She gets around by landmarks and not street names. I get around by street names, so I have to think about it more before I can give her directions she can work with. Still it's easy enough, she drops me off, we hug and say our good byes. I make sure she has directions, and I head in side.

Inside I get hugs from Airyn, and ask if he still wants me to drop them off, and says sure saves them finding parking. So off to the car, I'm telling them about my day and how the Fiber Farm was a bust. Airyn says well at lest you two had fun and found other things to do. Yep. I drop them at the door, and head home. I message history to see that she made it home ok, she did no trouble YEAH! Not quite and hour later they are messaging me they are paying and ready to be picked up. I'm surprised, but figure they just didn't have much to talk about, or didn't feel the need for more privacy since they had had all day together.

I pick them up Chipmunk is freezing since it's cold outside, she's sick, and I guess her coat isn't warm enough. Back home, I'm asking no questions, and am back on the computer. As great as most of this sounds I am leaving things out.

For one thing while I'm out with History and her Husband I get a message from Airyn about splitting anything over 30$ on their dinner out. This is a dinner that Chipmunk wanted to do with Airyn for his birthday. I was ok with it and even told her it should be just the two of them versus all of us. So when I got that message I answered with a question, "Why am I paying for Chipmunk to take you out on a date? Does this mean she can't buy her part of the gas for the car?

No answer. I asked about it when I got home, and Airyn says he didn't want to get into it right now, that he'd like to have a good night after having a good day. Ok FINE. So I spend what wakeful hours I have left be cordial, pleasant, and inwardly pissed. What is going on. We just had a conversation a few days ago about what Chipmunk's part in gas and household food should be, and now they want me to help pay for the date night she wants? They have all day together and are going out to eat, and Airyn doesn't want me to get upset over what ever reason caused him to send that message? But the afternoon I was supposed to get 6 hours I get 3 and it ends with a pissy, funky, sick mood in the room, and Airyn catering to her. When will I get what I'm asking for? Forget one weekend a month, or every other. I want every weekend. I'm done making time for me to be out of the house and giving them more space to be together. I'm done with her moody I can't every time something comes up. As far as I'm concerned this weekend she got what she wanted with Airyn, and I got nothing.

Don't get me wrong I had a blast out with History. History is not a replacement for Airyn, and I don't expect History to be a romantic interest for me. So I have no reason to be ok with Airyn meeting Chipmunk for lunch this week, and I have no reason to leave the house on her days off. NONE.

Sure she's sick, she always sick, but she's not too sick to go out to eat, and have a margarita with a fever. She was just too sick Friday to stay at work with NO fever.

Sigh I'm probably just being/feeling vindictive.
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