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I think I may have stumbled on what my husband's real reservation is with me asking our friend to be in a poly relationship with me. We were discussing it last night and he said that he would have no problem with the relationship if our friend didnt live 5 hours away. He wouldn't even mind if he moved to live with us. (He even discussed -not in great detail- how date nights could go).

He doesn't think the long distance thing will work for either of us and it would eventually make things ugly. I have a tendency to believe him because I know me (I couldn't do it with my husband when we were just dating- I had gone to college and eventually moved back home to be with him). Plus, with us being so far away right now it would be unfair to our friend that I was so unavailable and yet we were supposed to dating.

I know that there is still the fact that he isn't 100% comfortable with my confession that I love our friend, and I hope that the whole long distance thing isn't something he is using to cover his feelings up.

Of course this doesn't change anything about my feelings and I still want to persue the relationship if and when it seems like the right time to bring it up to our friend. Unfortunately it might have to be put on semi permanent hiatus until either our friend moves closer or my husband and I are in a more stable financial situation to make traveling for me a little more feasible.

It stinks, but such is life.

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