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Default Airyn's Birthday

The 23rd is Airyn's Birthday. Chipmunk is scheduled to work from 3:30-10:30. Chipmunk has been scheduled to close this whole week. She typically is scheduled for 10:30 and gets off any where from 9:45-10:15.
Airyn talked to Chipmunk, and a few days later so did I about Airyn not bring her a lunch this day.

Thanksgiving is spent at a good friends house. We share great company, lively conversation, and wonderful food. So much food that we are all tired and overly stuffed by 9pm. Home we go, every one even Wolf falls asleep. At about 5:30am Airyn and Chipmunk wake up needing the bathroom, and are back and forth for about 30 mins. I'm trying to sleep, but they aren't being quite enough for me (light sleeper). Frustrating, but not surprising. They get back in bed, and at 6:30 Airyn is getting up telling Chipmunk he can't fall back to sleep. Gives me kisses, and heads into the kitchen. Well I can't sleep either. I sit up and grab my phone about to message Airyn saying happy birthday, but he walks in and grabs My laptop, and asks if I'm getting up, I just nod.

Airyn heads back into the other room to call his mom. He always calls her on his birthday, and wishes her a happy Birth day. cute. Any way Chipmunk rolls over and says something about him being on the phone. I tell her yea, he may be on the phone for a while cause he's talking to his mom. She rolls back over to go back to sleep. I get dressed and follow Airyn to the kitchen.
I tell him that I was about to message him when he walked in the room. He's all smiles, and when he gets off the phone he checks on Chipmunk to see if she's sleeping or considering getting up. We sit down to play our PC game together, and he tells me she's going to sleep. So we are playing. About an hour or so later Airyn needs something out of the bedroom, and I'm wanting to use the bathroom. So we get up and Airyn notices that Chipmunk is awake, and goes to check on her. I Close the bathroom door to give them some privacy. I don't think anything of it. Airyn doesn't say anything about it either, and eventually we start getting sleepy again. So it's about 11am now and we head back to bed. Lay down, Chipmunk gets up and is being all pissy for some reason. She gets up and Airyn is asking her whats wrong. She says nothing, he says he's tired and is going to take a nap. And Chipmunk says, Whatever, she's obviously unhappy about something.

Airyn and I have no idea what she's upset about, and since she chose not to enlighten us we go to sleep. When we wake up at 2pm later she's sitting by the bed on her laptop. When we start moving around to get up she leaves the room, still being pissy and unwilling to talk to either of us. We get up and start getting dressed, coffee, food. Chipmunk tells Airyn that she wants to leave early so she can buy something at work before she gets started. Ok, I get my shoes on, and so does Airyn. Airyn and I are figure she just wants about 15 mins so we estimate a time, but as soon as we are dressed and ready Chipmunk says she wants to leave NOW (it's about 3pm). Ok out the door we go. Airyn offers to drive since I had not grabbed my ID or phone before Chipmunk was ready to walk out the door. Chipmunk walks out the door and heads down the stairs while Airyn and I are closing and locking up. This is unusual for her since she always waits beside Airyn while one or the other of us lock up. We park at her job, I let her out and she leaves without offering kisses to Airyn. Again this is not normal. She making it clear that she is pissed at Airyn on his birthday. Airyn tells me after she go out that she's upset cause she didn't get good sleep, and that him coming in the bedroom kept her from sleeping. I reminded him that he only checked on her twice, and that the second time was because she was awake. He tells me he didn't think he'd checked on her much at all, and shrugs. Then he tells me he pissed her off further when he told her that he knew they wouldn't get through his birthday with out her getting pissed at him.

We get home, and are talking about what we want to watch after the sun goes down, and decided to watch the second season of Game of Thrones. Mean while we are doing household chores (laundry, dishes). Then we go back to our game from the night before. I'm teasing Airyn about what I wanted to do with him, and how since I'm messy we'll need a towel and a shower. We're hugging and giggling, but not locking Wolf out of our room just yet. It's about 6pm now and we getting up and changing computers around so that we can watch our show on my laptop. We are in the kitchen warming up leftovers from Thanksgiving, and the phone rings. Airyn answers. It's Chipmunk who is telling him that she's about to walk home, she is getting off early because she's sick. She tried calling my cellphone, but got no answer. My phone was in the bedroom, I never thought to keep it close as she always messages Airyn. When we commented that she had not messaged Airyn she says she thought we were going out, and wouldn't be home where he could get the message. What? We never said anything out going out. We told her what was going on. I told her that Airyn didn't want me to take him out that he wanted me to set aside what I would have spent on a restaurant for getting him a new tablet. Whatever, we tell her we are on our way. Grab our shoe turn off the stove, and out the door. I get in the car, and now I'm unhappy kinda pissed actually. Airyn and I are both surprised Chipmunk is coming home, she wasn't sick when she left. I tell Airyn, "great, just great I finally get a chance to have more then 3 hours of your time, and here we are being interrupted for Chipmunk again." Airyn asks me to relax, and be calm. Reminds me it's his birthday, and that he just wants to have a good day. I tell him I'm not going to say anything else, but that I am frustrated. This was my first chance to get more then 3 hours.

We pick Chipmunk up, she says nothing. Back home she goes off to change into her onesie, and Airyn and I are back to heating up our food. Chipmunk had bought crackers and such saying she was having a hard time keeping anything down. She changes and joins us in the kitchen. Airyn makes Chipmunk some tea, and offers to make her the tomato soup with rice that she prefers to eat when she's sick. She tells him maybe, that she can't keep anything down. Then she sits in the floor with her tea, and some crackers. Airyn tells her we are going to go eat in the other room, and asks if she wants to join us. No answer from Chipmunk. We leave, Airyn asks what Chipmunk is doing, and I shrug. She eventually joins us in the bedroom. Airyn and I eat, and Chipmunk lounges in bed. Airyn asks if she's going to sleep. She doesn't know. Airyn and her are talking. Mostly Airyn is talking, and Chipmunk is responding with yes, no, maybe, I don't knows. I finish eating and take my plate to the kitchen. I don't want to go back in there. I'm unhappy that my day has been disrupted, that Airyn is now catering to Chipmunk, and her funk, sick mood. So I sit at my computer in the living room, and am goofing around on the internet. 20 to 30 mins later Airyn sticks his head out the door and tells me, "Some one is slacking off on their laundry duties." I tell him I assumed they needed privacy to talk. He shakes his head, so I join him and put up what laundry is Mine and his. Wolf's and Chipmunks are left in the laundry totes. Chipmunk tells him she'll put her things away tomorrow.

Chipmunk finally agrees to let Airyn make her tomato soup with rice, which he has asked if she wants half a dozen times. So we head back to the kitchen, make her soup, and all go sit at the computers. Airyn bring Chipmunks laptop in and set her up beside him. So he and I go back to the game we were playing before picking Chipmunk up. No more is said about cuddling, sex, or watching our TV show. Chipmunk wouldn't want to watch it she doesn't like horror, gore, scifi. She prefers romance, and drama. Eventually we move back to the bedroom. I tell Airyn that I need to be sleeping by 1am as I'm still getting up at 9am to spend the day with a lady I met online (this will be our second face to face meeting). It's after 11pm when we move to the bedroom, and Chipmunk crawls right into bed. Airyn takes the time to straighten out the blankets and make sure she has lots of covers. Then he and I are sitting together on our PC no longer playing anything together, just being close. I get up and give him hugs. he asks if I'm going to sleep. I tell him I'm going to try, but that I don't really want to. When I get into bed he comes over and tells me he enjoyed spending the day with me that he likes just having me home. It makes me sad, I want to be more then just his gaming buddy. I give him kisses, and nod I can't really say anything. Besides i agreed he should have a good day on his birthday.
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