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Lightbulb Peaceful couple looking for female or other couple for long term relationship

location (anywhere States or Canada)

looking to get to know female or a other couple , it will take some time talking back and forth threw email and maybe texting when comfortable.

Your are into being :
calm/loving/open/laid back/
loves nature/brings positive energy/stay true to yourself
would like to live in our own land one day/ loves animals
yoga/ traveling into the forest/ meditation/ rainbow family gatherings( if you know what these are if not its fine)
peaceful/ likes to talk/ likes to email stories or poetry to eachother or real mail( when we get to know each other)/

But we are laid back couple( m +f) who are:

loves robotics
wanting to own land one day to live more with nature closer to spiritual happiness
hippies you could say lol
we both have long hair
nature lovers
❤ vegan and veggie food
way more
just leave a msg

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