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I would suggest you think about what you really want and need - you think 2 nights a week isn't enough but you want her to be keeping in contact every day - but you don't want a full time partner who is in your space all the time. Just what IF she had other partners, she'd probably be too busy to chat daily, so would that be a difference? Do you think that since she isn't dating anybody else she should be available to talk to you all the time? If you don't want another "primary" partner, to most people 1-2x a week of interaction with a partner can easily be sufficient.

Should you seek out more? Well how about this - if it's causing you stress to not have daily interaction, maybe you should break up with her and just be friends - if you are hoping the distraction of another partner will somehow make you not want her attention, I'm pretty sure that won't quell those issues. I'd either work through whatever is causing me to be unhappy with the awesome partners I have, or figure out if it was going to be happy>hours spent wondering why it wasn't causing me more happy. If unhappy thoughts>happy ones, then the relationship probably isn't working for anybody.

(Just to say, I have a partner, I see them once a week, and I'd LOVE to chat with them every day, but our only interactions outside of that one date a week is a brief "what time and where" sentence or two. It is a struggle to reconcile what I wanted (communicative bff partner) with the reality, so I do get where you are coming from, but learning to accept what is - well if you cant figure out a way to do that (reading, counseling, whatever), I do think seeking out relationships that can give you what you want is probably the best way to go.)
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