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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
Like nycindie, I've had better luck in real life. Almost always, it's been meeting someone through people I already know. However, FBF, I met at a mensa gathering (and CBF I met through FBF).

But I'm guessing that nycindie and I are a fair bit older than you, and we learned how to date in a world in which 'online' didn't exist.

this was a real lightbulb moment ! I'm 43, so I should have learned how to date in a world where ' online' did not exist... except I didn't, because I was too shy / scared/ awkward / emotionally unstable to date much. Married very young, and only started to 'really' date after we opened up our marriage, and I LOVE online dating. Love the initial email contact, and going on first dates.
I met both my BF's this way. My husband, who is older then me, met both his GF's in the real world.
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