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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Ha! I was just talking in PM with someone in this thread about this very exact thing!

I have lots of other ways to vent my frustrations and other people I can talk with, although if push came to shove and I felt that he was the only one who could help, I would MAKE him listen to me.
I just cover my ears and say LALALALALA over and over until she gets bored or angry.

If there were things she found negative about our sex I don't mind her talking to her husband about them. I don't want that in return though..unless he knew exactly what she was telling me and was ok with it. I wouldn't be comfortable with her talking about things like this to other people unless she talked to me first. I find it an invasion of privacy to share some details that are part of a shared experience especially when it is easy to ascertain who the people you are talking about are. Sometimes it's hard to talk in generalities.

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